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Tairis Group  |  Brand Management & Marketing  |  Tacoma, WA


60th Anniversary Graphics

The diamond anniversary deserves something a little special, don't you think? A generic invitation just wouldn't do for Principal Tammy Birklid as she began planning their anniversary celebration.  

Knowing that Merit had built the iconic Tacoma Dome in 1983, Tairis worked with graphic designer Holly Knoll to incoporate the diamond pattern from the Dome's top and the bold Merit brand. The result is a stunning combination of strength and history that perfectly reflects Merit as a team and a staple in PNW construction. 

The complete package included a save-the-date eblast, social banner, and printed invitation and label set. 

"I always love working with you! You are great about interpreting what I want and making it happen."

- Tammy Birklid, Merit Construction Principal