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Tairis Group  |  Brand Management & Marketing  |  Tacoma, WA


Brand Management & Marketing

Nexus is a growing firm within the emerging Building Science market. Having architectural backgrounds, the team's unique approach to creatively designing and solving building failures gives them an advantage over other firms in the region. 

Managing their entire marketing effort, Tairis is working with Nexus to apply sound branding, organized reactive efforts, and other communications strategies to enhance Nexus' outreach, customer retention, and win rate.

Microsoft Brochure
When you get the chance to pitch to the Microsoft campus real estate team, you better be clear, concise and relevant, which is exactly how we delivered the Nexus team's Facilities Condition Assessment and Envelope Commissioning services.

After determining the right combination of specialties to meet their client's needs, Tairis produced a 14-page digital brochure that paired approachable copy with sharp photography to tell the story.
Reactive Proposals
In an effort to diversify client types, Nexus pursued the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services "Building Envelope & Roofing Consultant" On-Call project.

Tairis produced the qualifications packaged, which resulted in the firm being shortlisted for an interview and subsequently created interview collateral to include: leave behind, boards and name tags.

Nexus was awarded the project, which will provide significant work for the team for the next two years.
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