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Moving Pictures

March 31, 2017

Video is by far the most useful tool in a marketer's arsenal these days. We dedicate a larger portion of marketing budgets to video content development than ever before, as people are most likely to be engaged and take action after they understand a company's story. 


At Tairis Group, we are fortunate to work with talented local filmmakers who bring advanced skill sets that evolved your story and our plan into a relevant, memorable experience for viewers.


Take this film, by Micheal Bryant, owner of Squawkbox Media. Here, Micheal captures the story of local Tacoma realtor Lindsay Emery.


What I appreciate about this film is how Micheal not only tells Lindsay's story, but Tacoma's story, and the story of young homeowners, of friends and family. Even though this is a promotional video, it's emotional. It's comforting and calm, which I'll wager is exactly the feeling Lindsey wants you to have when purchasing a home with her. 


But, as Michael has shown, slapping together a few fun images really isn't going to do it theses days. You need a unique subject, personable people, clean production, and sharp filming.


So, what's your unique subject? 


Try this: What's the question most commonly asked when you're telling someone about your company? Is it your services, your projects, your process?


Couple pieces of intel we can derive from that data:

1) That's a clue that your pitch is missing something and you can capitalize on it.

2) People are obviously interested, because they are already asking for more information. 


Another important aspect of promotional films today is understanding your audience's perspective. Does it resonate?


And remember, your target viewer isn't always a prospective client. It could be a civic group or your internal team. Whoever the audience is, your video has to speak their language, not yours. 


Our recommendation is to make more short films, so you can deliver specific content to the right people at the right time. Be versatile and strategic. 

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